Permata Quality & Innovation
Innovation and quality are the key drivers for Permata door's existence especially in todays competitive global economy. Our products meet the growing demand from architects, home builders & customers looking for unique and environmentally friendly products that also meet a more demanding standard building standard codes.

Starting in the 1980’s. We are the first company in South East Asia to produce and export doors that are pre-installed with clear beveled glass panels, followed by insulated decorative trippled glazed door panels. In no time, these glazed doors received a very warm welcome in the UK market, automatically becoming popular amongst other countries with cold climates, including Nothern Europe, US, and Russia.

In the early 21st century, we started our initiative to introduce engineering doors using LVL construction for improved wood performance & stability, and more importantly conserving the limited wood resources.
The KP' Quality Policy:

Established since 1974, PT. Kayu Permata is a company specializing in door manufacturing commits continually to performs innovation and improvement in :

1. Fullfill the customer satisfaction as well as stakeholder expectation

2. Meet the product requirement

3. Improve the productivity,product quality and sources efficiency

4. Increase the proportion of responsibly, legally and credibly certified raw material sourced from well managed forest to support forest sustainable program and avoid utilize timbers where sourced from following categories :

a. Violation of traditional and civil rights
b. Wood harvested from forest where high conservation values are threatened by management activities
c. Genetically modified tress are planted
d. Illegally harvested wood
e. Forest being converted wood to plantation or non forest usage

5. Meet the applicable statutory and regulatory

6. Implement the QMS ISO 9001 : 2015 and COC - FSC Standard in accordance to the function and level at the company

7. Synergy and Preparation

We Do It Right!
continuous improvement in all we do, We increase in all areas in terms of Innovation, Design, Technology, Quality, and Experience.
Environmental Awareness
How we work is just as important as how we source our materials – all our processes respect waste reduction and recycling. Since March 3, 2006, we have obtained with ISO 9001-2000 quality standard (certificate number 2067) to standardize our manufacturing process.

With increasing global environmental awareness and our commitment to sustainable forest management, we have obtrained FSC-Chain of Custody Standard
FSC-STD-40-004 (2004) on January 23, 2006 with certificate number TT-COC-2188 to ensure that every piece of lumber we use for our products complies with the laws on sustainable forest management.

These values are important to us, the planet, and it also has made FSC certification of our products possible. And we assure you that every piece of lumber we use for our products complies with the laws on sustainable forest management.
Innovation - Design - Technology
Quality - Experience
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Sophisticated products are made by extraordinary people. Kayu Permata as one of the leaders at wooden door business in Indonesia has a team of experienced and very dedicated people. Most of them have been growing with us more than 15 years. With their valuable experiences and willingness to learn on something new, we always become the first on new product development and process; where others just need to follow and copy our saleable products.

To sustain our position as an innovative market leader, our management emphasizes the great importance of continually development of our people. Our company invests in training programs and latest
technology to develop and support our people to be a winning team and equipped them with tools and ideas to launch new and spectacular product ranges that are well received by the market.

If you think you are one of extraordinary people and who want to be part of a challenging team of PT. Kayu Permata, please submit your detailed CV commpletely with your expected position and compensation to Don't forget to attach your recently photograph too for our reference.

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